SS (Super Spun) Series

Our Top-of-Line, our "Truest and Strongest". This wheel combines beauty and strength to build a lightweight wheel that is stronger than other spun shells wheels. This is the wheel of choice for more professional racers running series, like ASALM , NASCAR® Elite, Pro Cup and A.R.C.A., than any other wheel. The high strength low alloy .105" thick spun shell and a CNC machined center have Superior Strength and EXACTING tolerances. Large 'D' vent windows allow for greater air flow for more efficient brake cooling, and give this wheel a NASCAR® style look.
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Chrome Rim / Raw Center

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Available in (chrome looking) Silver powdercoat finish, Gloss Black powdercoat and also quality chrome finish.


15" SS 5x5" SIZES
Size Weight Backspace
15x8" 16 lb 2 to 5"
15x9.1/2" 27/24 lb 2 to 5.1/2"
15x10" 21 lb 1 to 6"
15x11" 22 lb 1 to 7"

Diamond offers a full Selection of Racing Lug Nuts.
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Center is CNC machined for a True Smooth Mounting Surface reducing hub spoke breakage”
15" SS 5x5" Wide- 5 SIZES
Size Weight Backspace
15x8" 16 lb 2 to 5"
15x10" 18 lb 2 to 7"
15x11" 18 lb 2 to 8"

Stud Hole Sizes:
5 bolt : 11/16” for 5/8” studs (45 degree taper racing lug nuts.)