Stock Car Series

Built to survive punishment from the heavier cars in the street, hobby stock, figure eight and enduro type divisions, where bumping and grinding are part of the action. This wheel utilizes a heavier D.O.T. Rolled Shell (.135” thick) with safety beads. Available in both 4 bolt and 5 bolt patterns, these wheels have a Round Hole style center, giving them a modular look.
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Chrome Rim / Raw Center

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Gloss Black powdercoat finish is the standard stocking color. Chrome looking Silver powdercoat finish is also available. Quality chrome plated finish is available in some sizes.


Options Available:
(07) Safety Beads -Deep
(08) Beadlock Kit Installed
(30) Duble Backed Center

Size Weight Backspace
14x6" 20 lb 1.1/2 to 3.1/2"
14x7" 22 lb 1.1/2 to 4.1/2"
14x8" 24 lb 1.1/2 to 5.1/2"
Size Weight Backspace
15x5" 21 lb 1.1/2 to 2.1/2"
15x6" 22 lb 1.1/2 to 3.1/2"
15x7" 23 lb 1.1/2 to 4.1/2"
15x8" 25 lb 1.1/2 to 5"
15x10" 27 lb 1.1/2 to 7"

14" Stock Car Bolt Patterns
•4x100, •4x4, •4x4.1/4, •4x4.1/2, •5x100, •5x4.1/2, •5x4.3/4
•Denotes -available in FWD style

15" Stock Car Bolt Patterns
*5x4.1/2, *5x4.3/4 *5x5,
15“ Optional Car Bolt Patterns
4x100, 4x4, 4x4.3/4, *4x4.1/2, 5x100, *6-pin, 6x5.1/2, 8x6.1/2, 18x10 Sander and Wide-5 *Denotes -available in Chrome

Stud Hole Size:

4 bolt: 9/16" for 1/2", 12mm or 7/16" studs (60 degree taper lug nuts)
5 bolt: (5x4.1/2, 5x4.3/4, 5x5) 11/16" for 5/8" studs (45 degree taper racing lug nuts.)
All other 5 bolt Patterns have 9/16" for 1/2" studs (60 degree taper lug nuts.)
6 & 8 bolt : 5/8" for 9/16" studs (60 degree taper lug nuts.)

Note : For larger backspace requirements than listed -
Use Front Wheel Drive(FWD) Style center (if available) -adds 2 to 3 lbs to wheel weight